Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-14

  • Close game today. #
  • Time for some baseball! #
  • For those asking. Bean Sandwich, baked beans on french bread with bacon & cheese on top. #
  • Making dinner, open face bean sandwiches. So good. Also watching Wall-E. Never saw this movie in theatre. #
  • Why not (@ FedEx Office Print & Ship Center) #
  • Love this song – #
  • It is that time again, Friday and everyone has gone home except for me. Time to run up and down the halls like that Home Alone Kid! #
  • I am watching the WWDC Keynote – I don't get guitar hero for the iPhone. #
  • Why is this line taking sooooo loooooong! (@ Stater Brothers) #
  • Heading home, long day today. (@ Union Station w/ 4 others) #
  • Happy Hour @ Casa de Bittner! #
  • Time to get my dry cleaning. (@ Gateway Cleaners) #
  • Just saw Iron Man 2…I think we will see an Iron Man 3. (@ Edwards Brea Stadium East 12) #
  • Well this makes sense why ATT changed their Smartphone plans from unlimited to 2GB. Again ATT you suck! #
  • iMovie for iPhone, interesting idea. #
  • Time to wake up & have coffee. #

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