Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-28

  • Finshing up my shift on the Web Hosting Tech Support front. 20 mins left, currently transfering a client to a new dedicated server. #
  • Funny Stuff, Pupppets love FaceTime also. #
  • Had my first FaceTime call with my brother. Pretty cool technology. #
  • The time has come again, it is Friday and I am the only one in the office. It is very quiet right now. #
  • Why are people in Florida so F'd up? #
  • Gizmodo really is not happy with Apple, most articles on the new iPhone are negative. Wonder if this is because they were raided? #
  • Here is a link for those that want to try out FaceTime on iPhone 4 if you don't know anyone that has one. #
  • Train accident today trains behind today #
  • Will not get my iPhone until Thurday but this guy has his now. #
  • Back to work #
  • My first post from a pink razr #
  • I am iPhone-less for the next few days until I get my new phone. Sad. #

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