Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-26

  • Hanging in the back patio with Sophie, she does look bored. We will go for a car ride after work. #
  • Darn u vBulletin iPhone theme, u were working when I left the office now u are broken. Will have to wait until I get home to look at you. #
  • I lady next to me on the @metrolinkoc trains does not smell nice, it is BO with perfume. #
  • From the way back machine, dating myself. Ocean Color Scene "Moseley Shoals" one if the best albums of '96. #
  • iPhone battery went from 99% to 77% with wifi tethering set. Traveled from LA to Fullerton 40min train ride, not bad. #
  • Android is just not ready for the public unless you are a Techy person. Just had some quirky ways to move around on the phone. #
  • Verizon came to the office today to go over some training on their Wireless Manager. The rep had the Droid X. Nice phone but no iPhone. #
  • Lets see how much battery this thing will kill off. Thanks Handy Light. #
  • First tweet from my Macbook tethered to my iPhone 4 #
  • Skype has updated the iPhone to work in the background, now I need some to talk to on Skype. #
  • Today's guessing game. In the photo man or woman. #
  • Only bad thing…it will edited for TV. #
  • Sweet…The Big Lebowski is on! #
  • Updating vBulletin to v 4.0.5 now. #
  • Mexican Hamburger & Mexi Tots for dinner tonight. Took a bunch of stuff & put it in a burger. #
  • Watching "Where the Wild Things Are" #

Android Apps

I have started the process of learning to create Android Apps, problem I have is I don’t have an Android phone or the money to get one so I am reaching out to the web to ask (very nicely) to help donate to my fund so I can get a used Nexus One. So if you would like to donate here is your link.

iPhone 4 Case

So today Apple released an app to order your free iPhone 4 case. I have not really had any issues with my iPhone 4 but hey Apple is giving away free stuff so why not. I downloaded the app and ordered an Apple Bumper Case this morning about 6:45am. Only bad thing is they say it will take 3-5 weeks to ship it, that is crazy but I guess they are giving them enough time to source enough cases for everyone that is requesting one. Since they sold 3 million iPhone 4s that would be a lot of cases to source.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-19