Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-05

  • A little White Sangria. #
  • Hang out back with the dogs & working. #
  • It is such a nice day out today. #
  • Power back up, time to have a beer. #
  • Power is out, can't work. Going to move to Starbucks so I can go to work. Hope it is not out all day. #
  • Sophie action shot #
  • Happy 4th of July everyone. Have a safe holiday. #
  • Listening to a little High Llamas – Hawaii. #
  • Heading home early due to build maintenance, sweet! But still have to work my other job @ 8pm. (@ Wilshire / Vermont Metro Station) #
  • I passed Angry Birds Lite & I am to cheap to buy the full version. #
  • Wonder if this will taste good. #
  • Heading home after a long day of activating many Blackberries. (@ Wilshire / Vermont Metro Station) #
  • Having a great lunch. (@ Great Wall Restaurant) #
  • I have yet to have issues with reception on my iPhone 4. Anyone out there have issues or none @ all? #
  • July 1st… @Metrolink monthly passes go up $13 from Fullerton. Thanks for that, also appreciate cutting back on the trains running. #
  • Week is almost done. (@ Union Station w/ 5 others) #
  • Test Again #
  • Don't buy it if you don't like it. Okay I am off my soap box. Also blogs out there stop posting crap like this. #
  • I am tired of people botching about the iPhone made of glass & it breaks to easy. Hey shithead glass breaks when you drop it! #
  • Heading home, what should I have for dinner? (@ Wilshire / Vermont Metro Station – Red Line / Purple Line) #
  • Another funny movie Evo vs iPhone 4 #
  • Cool video shot with an iPhone 4. #
  • My early day! Happy Hour Time! (@ Wilshire / Vermont Metro Station – Red Line / Purple Line) #
  • I wonder how much a @metrolink citation is. Lady sitting next to me for one, she forgot her pass. I see her in train everyday. Sucks. #
  • First check in with iPhone 4. Heading out to work. (@ Fullerton Metrolink Station) #

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