Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-02

  • My parents dog got a summer cut today. #
  • I am out of Bic's relish…to bad it is hard to get out here in Southern CA. #
  • “@brigleb: Whoa, when did Safari add inertial scrolling? Is this new or have I just now noticed it??” – MacBook trackpad update yesterday. #
  • The tools are back! Jersey Shore 2nd Season tonight, it is like a train wreck. #
  • Got my iPhone bumper today, not sure if I will use it. Nice design but iphone feels larger with it on. #
  • “@kevinrose: i'm excited for the chevy volt, american electric car that doesn't look like an electric car, go chevy!” Just not happy 4 price #
  • I created a script to remotely add computers that have been removed from AD. Security tells us not to use it. So much for trying to save $. #

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