Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-09

  • Watching "Las Vegas, Sucker Bets" now I need to take some time off & go to Vegas. It has been 6 years since my last Vegas trip. #
  • Since I could not make it out to HB, I am stuck watching Weezer on the Internet. Man working sucks! #
  • Sounds like an interesting flavor. #
  • SecureCRT for Mac is out!!!! #
  • Again 1 hour left to go, everyone is gone except me. #
  • Sorry forgot photos to go along with last post. #
  • I came out of the shower this morning & Sophie was sleeping above Michelle's head. #
  • It sucks standing, holding on to the ceiling for 45 mins on the train. Almost makes you want to drive to work…almost. #
  • Standing room only on the train today. #
  • Finally added a trellis for the Jasmine tree yesterday. #
  • Alright kids it is time for Hot Tub Time Machine. #hottubtimemachine #
  • When you are working on home improvement jobs you never buy the right stuff the first time. (@ Home Depot) #
  • The joys of owning a home…you get to visit Home Depot a lot. (@ Home Depot) #
  • Moreno Valley…what the heck, why am I in this hole. (@ Del Taco) #
  • Breakfast is served… #

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