Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-22

  • I have broken my iPhone, killed my jailbreak again. Apple stopped signing 4.0.1 firmware 2 days ago and i did not save me shsh blobs. Crap! #
  • Had my first & last rockstar drink. Don't like them at all. It was given to me for free so I drank it. Not again. #
  • Getting haircut at a new place today. (@ Straight Up Barber Shop) #
  • Good song from Hutch and crew @thethermals, video is pretty cool. #
  • Crap, left my laptop charger at home. I guess no Photoshop for me today. #
  • It is hot out today…I don't want to leave the office at all today. #
  • "Pull down to refresh" is that the new cool thing in apps? Facebook just added it, saw first @atebits Tweetie. Someone needed to start trend #
  • Heading out to work, another day another dollar. Train was on time today so I should not be late. #
  • After using Blackberry Bold for an entire day I would still not give up my iPhone but as a work phone it is okay. #
  • So since Favre is back? #
  • Testing Blackberry Bold for work as an upgrade 8830. I can tell you after 2 hrs I hate it coming from an iPhone. But for DMH it will work. #
  • Today starting off great train late, train is packed, lady sitting in of me has a crap load of stuff & had to crawl to seat. Respect others! #
  • Now as soon as I post my message we get an update on the @MetrolinkOC train being late. Thanks but please send updates sooner than later. #
  • Where is @MetrolinkOC train in Fullerton. Late again but no updates. #
  • Sitting out on the patio drinking my morning coffee. I hope the rest of the day is this calm & quiet. #
  • Pizza, beer & football. Good close to a night. #
  • I watched "She is Out of my League" last night. Funny!!! #

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