Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-29

  • After the first half Dallas does not look good at all. #
  • Hot dogs w/ bick's, chips & queso dip for lunch. #
  • Okay phone numbers fully ported over, setting up Michelle's Palm Pixi for her. Michelle's first smartphone, she is growing up so quickly. #
  • Have to wait until tomorrow so I can port my number over from ATT. The Sprint porting dept is closed for the night. Crap! #
  • Spoke to soon, I get home and a package @ my door. My new cell phone. #
  • Back to a BB 8830, BB Curve on Nextel was to slow. Hope my new phone shows up soon. #
  • So has anyone tried the VOIP calls in Gmail? How is the quality? Going to test it out later tonight. #
  • Today I am using a BB 8350i, should have stayed with the BB 8830. The internet is much slower on Nextel than Sprint. #
  • Today marks my first week without an iPhone. It is been a good ride but ATT, u pushed me away. New phone & carrier in a week. #
  • Jersey Shore is the best! #
  • Boarding train, waiting for it to leave. What a day. (@ Union Station w/ 11 others) #
  • I am out…going home to sit and cry. #
  • What up I am at a jail (@ Twin Towers Correctional Facility: Tower 1) #
  • Been running without a cell phone for 48hrs. Using a 2yr old Blackberry 8830 now. #

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