Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-12

  • Nice "Back To The Future" is on now. #
  • Test #
  • I have to give it up to Shape Services & Mobile Software Design, LLC. Both were able to transfer licenses for apps to my Android phone. #
  • Heading home for football, pizza & beer. (@ Union Station w/ 10 others) #
  • 4G today at the office has been spotty. It works sometimes and others it falls to 3G. #
  • 4G did not make it to my house, but less than 1 mile away so maybe soon. #
  • Just noticed there is 4G in Downtown Fullerton. I have had the 4G radio off the whole time. Let's see if it extends to my house in Fullerton #
  • I have 4G at work – #
  • Woke up late today so I am taking a later train to work. Did not expect a light rain here today. #
  • I guess the Amtrak to San Diego is not on the same track today as it is on Monday. So I am taking the Metrolink today. #
  • Thought I would do fantasy football this year, anyone have a free league on ESPN or Yahoo I can join. #
  • Picking up a banana cream pie for tonights dessert. (@ Marie Callender's) #
  • Sitting in the parking lot of CVS waiting for Michelle to pick up my muscle relaxers. #
  • Hurt my back the other day, cant really walk without pain. #
  • Playing ball with Sophie, I am tired faster than she is. #
  • Forgot to setup OpenDNS back on my Airport Extreme yesterday after a Factory Reset. So added it back a few mins ago, much better. #
  • Much better results with Time Warner than ATT – #
  • Time Warner is here installing my internet. Switching from ATT slow dsl. #
  • Don't worry Sophie I am on my way home to take you out to pee. Only 1 hour to go. (@ Wilshire / Vermont Metro Station) #
  • So how is the weather out there today? It has been a really slow day today. Was finally able to get Angry Birds working on my phone. #
  • I might have to give up on Angry Birds beta. Keeps crashing on my Evo. #
  • Okay after a reboot Angry Birds was able to open without issues. #
  • Sad Angry Birds is crashing on my Evo. Will have to see if there is a fix. Another reason iphone is better for games. #
  • Angry Birds for android is here, beta in market now. #
  • Heading into work, let's hope it goes quick. Fridays always slow. (@ Union Station w/ 4 others) #
  • No twitter apps for android offer posterous and multiple accounts unless you buy the app. Come on Twitter for Android update your app. #
  • Slow day today glad to be going home. (@ Union Station w/ 11 others) #
  • Made it home. (@ Fullerton Metrolink Station) #
  • Why does the facebook android app send you to the mobile site when you click on any of the notifications. #
  • Heading home now. (@ Wilshire / Vermont Metro Station) #
  • Okay after calibrating my battery on my evo the battery has been better. Let's see how it goes. #
  • Apple tv looks cool. #
  • I have not played angry birds in over a week. #
  • Just downloaded swype for my phone, pretty cool keyboard. #
  • Apple to stream video of tomorrow's live event – I will have to bring my laptop to work to watch this live. #
  • Battery already @ 15% & it is only noon. I guess I have to turn off wifi when not using it. #
  • Let's see how this battery on the Evo holds up to my daily use, first day with it going to work. Listening to music on train with RSS feeds. #
  • Good thing about getting up earlier in morning to jog is no rushing to get ready. #
  • My first morning jog/walk today, 1.1 miles. Man I am out of shape. Tomorrow cycle instead of jogging. #
  • Went to dinner at El Cholo tonight I am full. #
  • Got a lot done today. New collar & toothbrush for Sophie. Went to Post Office. Washed car now time to rest. #
  • I have been using an Android phone for 3 days now, nice but no iPhone. I will miss my good old friend. Sprint needs an iPhone, screw Verizon #
  • Need a way to add album artwork to MP3 files in bulk. Any ideas? #
  • Taking Sophie out for evening walk, such a nice night out here. #
  • She has self doubt or separation anxiety issues lately. #
  • Sophie is hiding under the desk between a shelve. I tried to take a picture but she moves every time I try. #
  • At the dog park with Sophie. (@ Fullerton Dog Park) #

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