2 Weeks with Android

So I have had my Evo for about 2 weeks now.  For those not following me, I came from an iPhone.  If it was not for ATT I would have stayed with the iPhone but I wanted to get a “smartphone” for Michelle and on ATT it would have cost an extra $40 or $50 a month and moving to Sprint we are paying the same price as before on ATT.  Now there are some great things on Android that I love, the intergration of Google Voice and my Evo.  I can call from GV (use it for work) so much easier than on the iPhone.  Push email from Google, real push not idle push on the iPhone and just the sync just works with my Calendar and other Google products.  Now there is one thing that I found out today that does not work so well, purchasing from the Android Market.  I use Google Apps for my email, calendar, contacts, etc.  When I went to purchase a game today on the Market it said I did not have an account on my phone that had Google Checkout.  Well I know that my Google Apps email does have Google Checkout but for some reason it would not work.  So I searched it out on Google and yes this is an issue, so to get around this I had to use my older Gmail email (I don’t use anymore) and add Google Checkout to this account to purchase apps.  I don’t think this is the best way to do it so Google if you are reading this please fix it so we can purchase Apps from the Market with our Google Apps email.

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