Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-26

  • Time for a hair cut again. (@ Straight Up Barber Shop) #
  • #
  • Michelle bought Cap'n Crunch's Peanut Butter, I have never had it before. #
  • Chicken soft tacos are sooooo gooood. #
  • Community is on with Betty White, watch it will be good. #
  • What the heck @metrolosangeles it is 100 degrees on the Red Line today. I can cook an egg on the seat. #
  • RT @abc7 Docs find worm in man's eye. Man may have ingested the worm & worm ate its way to his eye.Video Gross dude. #
  • Time for bed, see you all tomorrow. #
  • The politics that go along with working for the Gov't. #
  • Getting ready to eat dinner & Sophie is staring me down big time. #
  • Companies are really pushing games on their platforms. Apple, Google, & Facebook. #
  • And block the inside seat all you are doing is slowing the rest of us down. #
  • Just a reminder for those that take public trans. Please don't sit on the aisle seat #
  • Made the 5:10 Amtrak to San Diego. Will be home 20 mins earlier. #
  • Paris Hilton admits cocaine was hers – Like we did not already know this. #
  • Welcome to the start of a new week. (@ Union Station w/ 5 others) #

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