Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-10

  • Off for the day…. #
  • If you act strange on the train next to a Sheriff Officer & jump off the next stop, you have to know they will follow you off the train. #
  • Is it just me or is Jersey Shore not just the best show ever. #
  • #newtwitter is here for me now…lots going on the page. #
  • Missed my normal train & backup train out of Fullerton. My small vacation has slowed me up. Need to get back into grid today. #
  • Stupid Time Warner, they quarentied my internet due to my computers having a virus. TM I have all macs, they don't have a virus. #
  • Pitstop picking up dinner stuff. (@ Albertsons) #
  • Back in the OC, just stuck in traffic on Harbor Blvd. #
  • New clothes for work. (@ Izod) #
  • Sorry Republication Hell #
  • I am in Republication help, listen to what you are saying. You really believe this crap you are saying. Come on. #
  • I checked in at Manny's Mexican Restaurant (1693 Mission Dr) on #Yelp #
  • Sort This Out Cellars, I love this place. They have great wines here set in a Vegas style theme. #
  • Hitting up Presidio Winery in town now. #
  • Wine tasting was postponed due to car trouble staying in Solvang to taste. We were able to hit one winery Sandstone Winery. #
  • Out of town for a day or so. (@ The Royal Copenhagen) #

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