Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-17

  • My Bacon wrapped hot dogs did not stay wrapped when I cooked them. So now it is just Bacon on my hot dog bun. #
  • Good day today got to level 2-18 on Angry Birds while also working.#angrybirds #
  • Okay update for those following my Angry Birds issues…I was able to download now from a mirror site. Installing shortly. #
  • At 96% downloaded now it stalls…what the heck. I need my Angry Birds fix. #angrybirds #
  • I can't download Angry Birds…it would make my train ride more fun if I could. Anyone have it yet? #
  • Man Snooki is just way to tan. It is insane how crazy she looks. I love it. #
  • Sophie & I just got back from Home Depot. The joys of home ownership. #
  • They have people stationed at the end of each tunnel today counting all people as we exit the train. #
  • This was my day activating and fixing BlackBerry issues all day. #
  • Touchdown Jets, not good for Minnesota. #
  • Was able to reset my microwave today. Finally covered to hole in my kitchen. #
  • After 9 holes I am +2, this is just like real golf. I suck. #
  • Thought I would play a little Tiger Woods 09 today. #
  • Not a good start for San Diego. #

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