Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-24

  • I am in Moreno Valley, did I unlock the "Armpit of America" badge on Foursquare. #
  • Love getting up at 6am ons sat. #
  • I thought I would at least be worth $10 #
  • My Twitter value is $9.44, according to … What about yours? #twalue #
  • Picking up Fudge pops. (@ Stater Brothers) #
  • Winamp is now in the Android Market. Let's see if this is better than the very crappy music player Android has. #
  • Heading into meeting with District Chief's. #
  • Facetime for Mac looks cool but wish they would have built in iChat not a separate app. #
  • RIP Mr C, (Tom Bosley). #
  • After 30 mins standing in the rain waiting for the late Metrolink and small delay with Red line I am finally at work. #
  • New doorbell installed, man I am so handy. #
  • Funny and upsetting at the same time – Laptop thief backs up victim's data, mails it to him. #
  • Heading to work early today, getting up @ 5:20 hard today, I have been getting up at 6:30. #
  • Bike fixed, wipers installed, cabinet painted, French bread purchased. Back to football & baseball. #
  • Dear Stater Bros management…3's a crowd. It is busy open another lane. #
  • Time for French Bread, pasta for dinner. (@ Stater Brothers) #
  • Time for new windshield wipers. (@ Walmart – Brea) #
  • I have a HUGE headache right now. #
  • Done work, going to finish painting then fix my bike. #
  • Lots of sports today…Football in morning and Baseball in the evening. What a day. #

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