Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-31

  • Listening to The Ocean Blue #
  • Normal Barber Shop really busy so at Supercuts. (@ Supercuts) #
  • Another wasteful day. Oh well at least it is the weekend & I get to see my friends The Apples in stereo on Monday. #
  • My fridge has started to run much loader than normal, does that mean time for a new one? #
  • I am still full from huge luncheon at work today. #
  • Heading to work now, have my Apple cake & drinks with me. #
  • Train is BUSY today! #
  • Passed all levels in Angry Birds…Now need to get 3 stars on them. #
  • Loaded Ubuntu 10.4 on my Macbook today…Why you ask…Not sure…We will see how long this lasts. #
  • Let's try again. #
  • This will never happen…Rumors: Apple to buy Sony? #
  • Listening to @beck "Sea Change" this morning. Such a great album. He reinvents himself in each record. #
  • I was wrong the 10:30am train is late and it is showing up now. #
  • Missed my 10:30am train, well it did not come so I guess I really did not miss it. Next one not until 11:30. #
  • You know you are in a great place when there is a dirty diaper in the parking lot. #armpitofamerica #

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