Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-28

  • If anyone is looking for a job and knows a little bit about web hosting let me know. My boss is looking for PT or FT during the week. #
  • Thanks Betty Crocker for my dinner in less than 10 mins. #
  • There is a ton of people here. Why I don't think they have Black Friday specials here. (@ Home Depot) #
  • So far good day off, Back To The Future I, II, III ons row. #
  • We have a ton of stuffing left over. Need to get a pork tenderloin to use the leftovers with. #
  • Turkey turned out great, very tasty. #
  • My first ever Thanksgiving turkey is out of oven. Rating time. #
  • Turkey in the oven, hope it turns out good. My first Thanksgiving turkey. #
  • 4 days off…Well sort of, 4 days off with LA County. Still working at Visox on weekend. #
  • Got a new pair of shoes for work. Need to break them in. #
  • Back to work today…Short week only 2 days. #
  • Second time today…grrr (@ Home Depot) #

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