Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-02

  • Well I did not win the Mega Millions drawing on Friday…So back to work on Tuesday it is. #
  • Jude is understanding how to walk down the stairs now. I guess he just needed a few hours and to watch Sophie do it a few times. #
  • Sophie is not a good sharer. #
  • Looks like Jude is not a stairs dog He is good at up stairs just not down stairs he is been up at the top of stairs looking down for 10 mins #
  • Hanging out with Jude (foster dog) & Sophie (my dog). They are chashing each other all over the house. Such fun they will have together. #
  • No TV for the weekend while I switch providers. #
  • Chocolate bock & bean sandwiches for dinner. #
  • This looks like it could be good. #
  • Come on @dishnetwork don't be an ass to me on the phone when I ask to cancel my account. #
  • Watched "The Usual Suspects" tonight. Such a great movie. #
  • I really like the new Social D song. #
  • The bomb squad rolled onto the train, should I be worried. #
  • Sorry premature tweet…I hate when that happens. #
  • I thought smoking pot on the streets oj #
  • Paul Allen is insane – #
  • Sitting sideways on the train does not do well for me. Never again. #
  • Standing on the train platform in the rain sucks. #
  • I just unlocked the "Swarm" badge on @foursquare! #
  • My battery on my EVO has been really bad in the last week. Need to figure this one out. #

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