Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-09

  • So was that a game or what!! #
  • After a week and a half with no TV, we are finally getting DIRECTV installed today. #
  • Not sure I would play that much on my Mac, I guess it is a good time waster on the train. #
  • Angry Birds is a little harder on the Mac than it is on my cell phone…I guess it takes a little getting used to. #
  • So lets try Twitter for Mac today…Looks cool…like the black and white look and feel. #
  • To many car words in that last one. Twitter is the demise of the English language. But since I can't spell I can't blame it on them. #
  • I am in one of the old Utah cars on the @MetrolinkOC cars today. Not a comfortable but it can sit twice as many people if not more. #
  • Jude sleeping downstairs…Sophie sleeping upstairs #
  • Angry Birds on Windows…Sorry in advance if I never call back or you never see me in public again. #
  • Catching up on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" on Hulu today since I have no TV. #
  • I don't mind the rain but because it is raining I don't get my Direct Tv installed today. #

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