Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-16

  • Jude is out…he must had a long day at PetCo during his Meet & Greet w/ OC PoundHounds today. #
  • So Bal just had a horrible half…they could have won this game. #
  • Still not feeling well today…trying to just relax. #
  • Just dumped Chrome and back to Firefox on my PCs. Google should not dump support for H.264. Mac still using Safari. #
  • I will be watching this show, the people are on it are insane like a trainwreck – #
  • Lets go been sitting here for 8 mins waiting for a train to pass. I guess there is now a power outrage on the signal so we are just stuck. #
  • Michelle got me sick…feeling like crap…going to work is fun when your sick. #
  • To the guy in the truck I cut off this morning on the way to the train station…sorry! #
  • I normally don't talk politics or religion but please this is just wrong. #
  • Took the dogs for a 2 mile walk they are out. #
  • Forgot I was supposed to leave at 4pm today instead of 5pm. So much for getting home early today. #
  • If true bad move by Verizon it will need to be priced at $199 same as ATT #
  • Started my morning exercise today since I can't run I started riding a bike & boy am I out of shape & my seat on the bike is not comfortable #

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