Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-23

  • I don't think Jude likes TV. He has just started barking at the TV on a regular basis does not matter the program. #
  • Well the weekend is here enjoy it while it lasts… #
  • Flashing Calkulin's EViO 2 v1.7.7 on my EVO hope I don't brick my phone. #
  • You know your in a bad part of town when there is a billboard that says "Are you Sexually Agressive goto" #
  • Just watched Inception…what the heck. Good movie…but the top at the end….??? #
  • I knew this would happen…Jude poop in the middle of PetsMart. Note to self make Jude poop before class. #
  • Heading home then to PetsMart for Judes Beginning Dog Training class. #
  • I know SJ is tied to his CEO title than any other CEO. But lets leave him alone & stop talking about his health. #
  • Crap forgot my coffee at the house! Can't start my day without coffee. #
  • Still not 100% over being sick but back to work we go. #
  • Still working on Judes house training. To bad I have rug…well have to remove it and put in wood floor. #
  • Go pats! Sorry Duff. #
  • Not looking good for Seattle. #
  • “@defram: The Apples in stereo debut video of the experimental pop song "CPU" using the Non-Pythagorean Music Scale” #

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