Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-27

  • I missed the Angel game today but at least they won. #
  • Removing CyanogenMod 7 RC1 and loading CyanogenMod 6.1.2 #
  • Finally after months I was able to get my Network guys to test my deployment of bginfo to end users computers. #
  • Watching Super Size Me. #
  • Jude is pretty smart, he is starting to find his pills in the lunch meat I give him in the morning. #
  • Watching the fighter now, should be a good movie. #
  • X-rays finally done…Dr should have them in a few days. #
  • Feeling crappy today…heading home now to rest. Also see if dogs are good. Jude will be happy to out of crate earlier than normal. #
  • This Xbox 360 update is taking a while #
  • Closet door fixed…1 thing off my list to do today. Getting things fine today. #
  • Sleep in until 11 am…1 thing off my list to do today. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-20

  • Hope the wedding starts late, because I will be. #
  • The weather just turned really bad in Ventura county. Freeway is crazy. #
  • I dont think we will ever make it to Sabra Barbara…crappy traffic all the way so far. #
  • Okay everyone is gone for the day & I am alone in the office so I can now listen to the new Radiohead album until time to go home at 6pm. #
  • Has anyone heard the new Radiohead album…downloading now! #
  • Twidroyd is not working today…have to use Twitter for Mac. Good thing I am at my desk today. #
  • Feel better Jude…Sophie says "woof". #
  • I'm tired of lazy people not verifying info but when I call them on it they blame us, Helpdesk Get your sh** together and take responsiblity #
  • Charlie Sheen has a huge problem if this is how he thinks. #
  • Late for the HOA meeting…on Valentines Day. WTH who was the smart one that thought this one through. #
  • Need to get x-ray of my foot. #
  • Imperial Hwy was the wrong way to go. #
  • Good end of the show…goodnight all!! #
  • I wish I could move around like Mick Jagger. #
  • Ceelo & muppets…only in LA #
  • Are they ninjas? #
  • When did the Monopoly man get invited to the Grammys. #
  • Muse was pretty good…and the use of screens… #
  • I don't even think Jude even knows there is a pill wrapped in that turkey he swallowed almost whole. #
  • Syncing my music with my Evo is much better now that I updated DoubleTwist. Plus using AirSync is pretty cool. #

Train Ride Today and More

Today I woke up much later than I normally do so I am taking a different train today and some of the group of people are truly strange. You get that kind of group on public trans. Normally it is not on the Metrolink but on the Subway in LA.

Today should be a better day, yesterday was a super busy day (as long as everyone comes to work).

I need to make sure I call the x-ray lab to see they are open next Monday so I can get my foot looked at. Doc thinks it might be a bone sper. I have not been able to jog in morning because of this. Will have to either walk or ride my bike. I need to get something going because I am out of shape and tired from walking from subway to office. Need more energy in the day. I guess I will have to stop the desserts at night.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-13

  • They are setting up to film something at the Fullerton Metrolink station today. Had to park further away…they blocked off tons of spots. #
  • The new @thethermals record is great!! #
  • Sophie is getting aggressive with Jude. She really does not share at all. #
  • What the heck were is the @metrolinkoc train to Oceanside? #
  • Sorry Steve I think Steelers could be out now. #
  • Sophie is not a good sharer…Jude has been with us for 3 weeks and she still fights with him and will not share toys. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-06

  • Archer is a pretty good show. Like Simpsons mixed with James Bond. #
  • Back to stock Evo rom tonight after a few weeks of a custom rom. #
  • This is a cool site, had no idea about it – #
  • Jude is good at sit…not so much on lay down…lots to practice. #
  • I needto re-encode some older albums to higher bit rate mp3. They sound like crap on my headphones. #