Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-20

  • Hope the wedding starts late, because I will be. #
  • The weather just turned really bad in Ventura county. Freeway is crazy. #
  • I dont think we will ever make it to Sabra Barbara…crappy traffic all the way so far. #
  • Okay everyone is gone for the day & I am alone in the office so I can now listen to the new Radiohead album until time to go home at 6pm. #
  • Has anyone heard the new Radiohead album…downloading now! #
  • Twidroyd is not working today…have to use Twitter for Mac. Good thing I am at my desk today. #
  • Feel better Jude…Sophie says "woof". #
  • I'm tired of lazy people not verifying info but when I call them on it they blame us, Helpdesk Get your sh** together and take responsiblity #
  • Charlie Sheen has a huge problem if this is how he thinks. #
  • Late for the HOA meeting…on Valentines Day. WTH who was the smart one that thought this one through. #
  • Need to get x-ray of my foot. #
  • Imperial Hwy was the wrong way to go. #
  • Good end of the show…goodnight all!! #
  • I wish I could move around like Mick Jagger. #
  • Ceelo & muppets…only in LA #
  • Are they ninjas? #
  • When did the Monopoly man get invited to the Grammys. #
  • Muse was pretty good…and the use of screens… #
  • I don't even think Jude even knows there is a pill wrapped in that turkey he swallowed almost whole. #
  • Syncing my music with my Evo is much better now that I updated DoubleTwist. Plus using AirSync is pretty cool. #

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