Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-20

  • Heading to Mom & Dads to see how my mom is doing. #
  • I think I have said this before but you must check out @thethermals new album. #
  • This is the closest I got to a bar on St Patricks today. #
  • The slowest elevators in the world are at 550 S Vermont in LA. #
  • Had a great dinner @Claim_Jumper in Brea tonight. #
  • Listening to music on my Macbook tethered to my Evo while my music is at home connected to my Airport Extreme. I love technology. #
  • Before Dinner Drink #
  • Hanging with Sophie #
  • I have not listened to Pet Sounds (stereo mix) in a long time, it is much different than the mono version I normally listen to. #
  • #nowplaying Pet Sounds (Stereo Mix) #

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