Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-03

  • Game 1 Win 1 Go @Angels #
  • So I guess I was wrong about The Dickbar coming to Twitter for Android soon. #
  • Opening Day today! Lets have a good year @Angels. #
  • Forgot my headset for the train ride to work. Makes it much less fun. #
  • Going to re-live the '80s today, bought Duran Duran Greatest His for $5 on Amazon so I could upgrade my Cloud Drive to 20gb. #
  • Taking Sophie for a 2 mile walk, hope I can make it I know she can. It has been a while since our daily long walks. #
  • The 50 yr old asian lady in line is buying a Miller High Life 40oz. Nice! #
  • The chinese food place I used to go a lot a few years ago rasied their prices. Just like gas over priced. #
  • Took a Verizon Pixi & took wifi card out and put into Michelle's Sprint Pixi so she could have wifi. Need to doctor it now with a Sprint ROM #
  • Installed Ubuntu 10.10 using VirtualBox so I could do some work on Michelle's Palm Pixi. It is not a bad OS I would not switch from Mac. #

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