Chrome CR-48 Laptop

So 24hrs of using the CR-48 laptop that was given to me by Google I have to say it is not a bad little computer.  Working in an browser entirely is a little different but easy to get along with.  As far as hardware goes I really like the keyboard it is very Mac like but I can tell you the trackpad is not that great.  Does not seem that response even after changing the levels in the settings.  I understand this is a pilot laptop and the ones they announced this year at Google I/O 2011 should have a better trackpad.  They do have multi gestures on the trackpad so that is good and the trackpad is oversize.  The processor is a little weak and the public ones will be Atom Dual Core as the one in the CR-48 is a Single Core Atom processor.  I have not really used any Flash sites yet so I have not seen slowness on that like some have.  The battery life has been great on this little guy.  The Chrome Store does bring some Apps to play but most are just links to their websites.

Overall it is a really good machine, and if you use Google Apps like I do you can do most everything you need on this.   The public released ones will be first produced by Samsung and Acer.  There are rumors that Dell will be creating a Chromebook model so there are some big companies out there that are looking to put there money behind these little notebooks.

There are 2 features that are not setup yet but looking forward to is “Chromoting“, a Remote Desktop like feature to access desktop apps that are unable to run on a Chromebook. Second is Citrix Reciever, we have Citrix at work so I would like to test it out to see how wel using Citrix would be on the CR-48 laptop.


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