Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-29

  • So how long do you think it will take to upload 8000 songs with my crappy #timewarnercable upload of 1.5mbps and my download is 10mbps. #
  • My Boot Camp partition just crashed…not a good time for this. #
  • Everyone talks how cool 4G is, I can tell u unless u are sitting still u will never get a good connection. From LA to OC drops all the time. #
  • Okay so I got my #googlemusic invite…will let you know how it goes. #
  • Crap forgot to install LogMeIn on Macbook when I was installing Windows 7 so I could finish install on the train, need to wait until tonight #
  • Now I just need my #googlemusic beta invite so I can listen to music on my CR-48 Laptop. #
  • Came home from work and sitting on my dining room table…my new Google Cr-48 Chrome laptop. Very cool, will be testing it out will inform. #
  • There are 50 people camping out to be the first in the new Buffalo Wild Wings Brea. Wonder if they free wings or something. #

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