Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-05

  • Grill is on #
  • Getting ready to finish for the day. #
  • ZZ Top just got on the subway! Sorry no pic. #
  • I don't think the new @Metrolink trains were not made for people 6' or taller. I feel a little cramped in here. #
  • Okay I have 2,400 songs uploaded to Google Music, only 4,500 left to go. #
  • Installing dual boot Ubuntu and Chrome OS on my CR-48 laptop. Instructions don't seem to hard, we shall see how it goes.#chromeos #
  • Scan your music catalog and they are matched with songs in the cloud catalog done in a few hours not months. #
  • After 3 days I have up loaded 600 songs. I think it should only take a couple months. This shows you licenses are needed. #
  • Morning everyone…up early today waiting for train to LA. More people at Fullerton station than I thought this early. #
  • Sophie sitting under the plant. #

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