Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-26

  • I am the first to admit I am a jerk so hair cut lady just cut my hair I am not there to talk to you. We are not friends bad enough I pay $20 #
  • Watching the premiere of Wilfred on FX staring @woodelijah. I think I am going to like this show. Very funny a must see. #
  • Pic of Sophie sleeping this morning. #
  • Alright cheesecake for lunch! #
  • Alright cheesecake for breakfast! #
  • I can't believe I did not see this earlier but the guy sitting next to me has the most awesome ponytail and suit. #
  • I wonder what court these Court Reporters work for. They are always gossiping the entire train ride. Some stuff is funny. #
  • I ate to much today. #
  • Birthday Photo #
  • Fried Ice Cream #
  • Back home from Lake Arrowhead #
  • Michelle just killed me in Monopoly, she owned over 3/4 of the board. #
  • Hanging out on the deck. #
  • Lake Arrowhead #
  • Sophie eating her birthday gift from Jan. Sophie's birthday is tomorrow. #

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