Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-17

  • Yeah! I just got #Spotify account. Click here to check if you are also eligible for one. #
  • #Carmageddon ..No wait just road construction on Harbor & Brea Blvd. #
  • #Carmageddon ..Freaked out, how do I get around this weekend. Thats right I live in OC don't care. It's not like the world is ending #
  • FYI…PJ Jeans dont really look like real jeans. Not sure if it is really work attire. #
  • The 5:25 train to Fullerton is normally always standing room only but how rude is this lady when she puts her bags in an empty seat – BITCH! #
  • Shuffle is the best way listen to you entire music library. #
  • Another one I have not heard in a while is Anything Box great band. Hi Claude 🙂 #
  • One thing about cloud music & having ur entire music library on ur phone is music u have not heard in a while. Love Tiny Dancer – Elton John #
  • "@abc7: Riverside lawmakers will vote Tues whether to support a discussion to create 51st state: South California" Lame! #
  • I can say the push notifications work much better in Google+ on Android then in Facebook. I actully get them while Facebook I don't. #
  • Everytime I go somewhere I forget things, last time my sunglasses now my travel coffee mug. I need to glue things to my hands. #

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