Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-24

  • Only have @sprint Airave up for a day but so far Michelle has been able to make and have phone calls. @sprintcare #
  • . @sophieadog really likes "Torches" by Foster The People #
  • Trying to watch Swingers (classic movie) but getting to many calls today. Hard to enjoy my day at work. #
  • Dont like my new travel coffee mug that much, spilled the entire coffee in my car on my backpack. Need to get my old one back. #
  • Again traffic in LA sucks. #
  • Anyone need a Spotify invite, I got an extra one from Motorola. #
  • #carmageddon on 60w in Pomona! #
  • Late dinner of a Gin & Tonic with a Turkey Burger. #
  • Getting to the hard part of demo the fireplace #
  • All Right #Carmageddon is over and we all survived without a scratch. #
  • Now I have only been using #spotify for less than 24hrs but I don't see paying $9.99 a month to have it on my phone. Am I missing something #

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