Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-31

  • I was watching XGames @ work on Espn3, now that I am on the train it says my account is not active. What would have changed in 10 mins. #
  • Having a hard time getting my chimina fire going. #
  • I am dealing with the slowest computer in the world right now. Working fot the the gov't has its perks. #
  • Using my Evo #
  • I can now play Words with Friends against Facebook friends. #
  • I guess I am getting old…i just don't understand skinny jeans on dudes…one women I get it. #
  • Very strange my Evo says I an on the east coast now and it is 10:36 am. #
  • Well I did not win the Super Lotto, back to work. But someone in Anaheim won. #
  • Finally hooked up my BlueRay DVD to the Internet…Listening to Pandora now. Thanks Kacy! #

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