So as everyone knows by now, Steve Jobs has left Apple as CEO we all knew this would happen (I did not expect it now).  Reading the coverage with my normal sites I read regularly (Tech Crunch, TUAW, Engadget, etc…) they all and I agree that Apple will do fine.  They have strong products (I own a few) and they have the same vision as they did when they started.  When I got home I watched the news as I do some nights and the mainstream media seems to be using shock tactics to get you to watch.  Their Headlines were “Steve Jobs Steps Down As CEO, What Will Happen To Apple Now”.

The Market did not waste anytime reacting to the news but did not drop to much like most people have said it would do when Steve resigns.  I have never worked at Apple but I did have 2 interviews but never got any further.  I don’t have any memories of the Apple Campus or anything like that as some tech bloggers have.

Don’t worry Apple will live on without Steve as CEO, remember they have more cash in the bank then the US Federal Gov’t.

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