The Beach Boys version of Smile, the long lost album that was recorded in 66-67 and never released.  Well it has finally 44 yrs later The Beach Boys version of Smile is released.  This is the albums of all albums for the most die hard Beach Boys fans like a friend of mine, I am glad that they have finally released this album. 

In 2004 Brian Wilson teamed up with his touring band (members of the Wondermints) to release Brian Wilson Presents Smile, which I thought was an awesome album.

I have not had a chance to listen to the new release of Smile on CD but I did listen at work today on Spotify (not the same using crappy work speakers). So can’t wait until CD arrives at the house to listen to it.  If this release is anything like previous remastered Beach Boys releases I am sure we will be happy.  I will have to get Robert’s take on this since he is the most die hard Beach Boys fan I know.

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