Not sure if any have been following the issues brought up a few weeks ago about a little program that runs on your Smartphone (Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, etc) called Carrier IQ.  But is seems to be tracking the user of the Smartphone without their knowledge, the carriers are saying they are not using this info except to help them with Network issues but it seems the software can get realtime info from your device (keystrokes, gps, your call info, and much more).

Now looks like there is a class action lawsuit that has been brought up.

We have many other articles to read if you so desire.

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There are many more where that came from, now one good question is are we making this a bigger deal that it really is? While I don’t like the fact that the reports show that it could be sending keystrokes to the carrier or Carrier IQ HQ until we figure this out 100% we really don’t know what info they have or are getting. The Carrier IQ Shit Fit –

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