Razors are crazy expensive so I decided to look into other options to save a little coin. One was Dollar Shave Club, you get a month of razors for $1 plus shipping. Looked good so I signed up for Dollar Shave Club, they got so many sign ups that I still have not received my razors yet. So while waiting for my razors I decided to see what else was out there. A lot of folks talked about using a Safety Razor but that seems a little more than I wanted to do, took a little longer in morning for the shave plus looks like I would cut myself more often. While researching this I found out that a South Korean company, Dorco was the one supplying Dollar Shave Club with their razors so I said why not buy directly from them. We it appears you can and a company in San Diego, Pace Shave has been importing Dorco razors since Sept 2011, I have missed the boat and should have been ordering from them. Well today I placed my order for the handle and 2 razors to try them out, if it works out they are my new supplier of razors for my morning shave.

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