Well so far I have been really good on my weight loss so far 17 lbs (211 at this time) since I started about 2 1/2 months ago. I think I have hit a plateau in my loss so I will be starting up to the gym in a week or so so I can hit my goal of 200 or less by end of summer.

Well yesterday was Fathers Day so I kind of went off the tracks yesterday but since it is a special day and once it in a while it will be fine. I normally use just under 1,900 calories a day and yesterday I went over about 800 calories. I am normally under my total calories for the week so it will not really matter in the long run but something to note for sure. Using Lose It! has helped a lot watching my calories.

Today it is back to walking Sophie daily which I have been slacking on and need to get back to it.

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