Well it has been 5 months since I started my weight loss adventure.  It has been a tough road I started at 230 lbs and as of this morning I am currently at 194 lbs.  So I have to say it has been successful and I am very happy with progress so far.  My goal weight was going to be 200 lbs but since I hit that goal I have changed it to 185 lbs and if I stay on track I will hit this goal by end of Sept.  This would be the lowest I have weighted in the past 20 yrs.

I do feel better in the morning, more relaxed and have more energy.  I will be hitting 40 yrs old in about 4 months so this was one of my reasons for following through with it.  I just wanted to be more healthy and I believe I will be able to stay with it.  I have to say writing down everything I eat has helped so thanks to the Lose It! app since I could not carry a notepad around with me.

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