iPhone 5 Pre Order Time

While I will not be pre ordering the iPhone 5 it did start this morning at 12:01am and seems to have sold out already as the new ship date is 2 weeks after the original Sept 21st ship date. I updated my plan in April so I will be passing on this one and waiting for the iPhone 5s (or whatever they call it then).

My brother and Mom will be upgrading, in fact my Mom stayed up late so she could put her pre order in first thing this morning. So will be checking out their phones when they get them. It does look nice we shall see.

Favorite Album of the Week: Redd Kross – Researching The Blues

So my new favorite album of the week is Redd Kross Researching The Blues. It has been 15 years since these guys released a new album. Back in the day they were the ones pushing the envelope when it came to indie rock. They started up in the ’80s with the LA Punk Scene and have been releasing albums since up until the release of their last album Show World in ’97. The album comes out right from the gate with the lead track Researching the Blues, with the first single Stay Away From Downtown which is a very catchy tune (video below).

Redd Kross – Stay Away From Downtown