Updating A Website To Responsive Design

OC Poundhounds iPhone Site

I helped out a local non-profit a few years ago in setting up a new design for their site and helped move their site to a Dreamhost (Great place to host non-profit as they give you a free account). We today I am starting to update the site using a responsive design so it works well on tablets and smartphones. Now I have not been coding sites for a very long time and have not kept up on HTML and CSS so I have been reading a lot online and started reading a new book, Responsive Web Design Using HTML5 and CSS3. The site is using WordPress and the Framework Genesis so it has most everything all setup I just need to convert the CSS to a flexible design from the fixed design it has now. I am guessing it will take me a few weeks on it a few hours a day or so since I am still learning.

I am glad to help out such a great local non-profit, for those interested in helping or donating you can at their site. http://ocpoundhounds.com

Finished Reading: No Angel My Harrowing Undercover Journey to the Inner Circle of the Hells Angels

I just finished reading the book, No Angel: My Harrowing Undercover Journey to the Inner Circle of the Hells Angels. Now this book is about an ATF agent that goes undercover and infiltrates the Hells Angels. It is a good book that goes into details of the AFT agent Jay Dobyns and how he got into the Hells Angels. It ends on a much different path than I thought it would though. It is a good read so check it out, you don’t have to be a biker to like it (as you most know I am not close to that at all).