Well it has been a while since I posted up here. Been busy with school, work, and moving. Yes I have moved from Fullerton to La Habra, it is about 6 miles from my old house. It is a very nice neighborhood and provides a backyard for Sophie, she has lived in a townhouse to long. She just loves the backyard, last night she spent most of the night out there, I could not get her to come back into the house.

Just going through and updating some of the things in the house as anyone does when they buy a new house. We will have people over when we finish all updates so you guys can check it out. One thing I like is the house is close (walking distance) to a Bowling Alley, now I can start bowling again. I love bowling but have not gone in a loooong time. Plus the restaurant in the bowling alley is supposed to have great chinese food.


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