It has been a while since I have posted an update, but I just moved my Home Assistant to a new Intel NUC, I moved it from the Raspberry Pi 3. One of the reasons was that I was buying a NUC to move my Plex server off my personal MacBook Air as that is from 2013 and it is starting to be long in the tooth but works while for surfing the web and want not.

Moving all my Home Assistant stuff was not hard, I setup the NUC running Ubuntu 18.10 and Home Assistant, Plex, etc are all running in a Docker container to keep it all clean and easy to manage.

I have been running HA like this for a few weeks and it has been great, the response is so much faster than the RPI 3 and glad I have it. It would really be to much if you just ran the NUC for HA but since I needed it for Plex and some others it was a great upgrade.

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