PNY Technologies

I have to give it up to PNY. I bought a 128gb flash drive from them on Amazon in Aug 2015 and a few months ago the drive started acting up (slow, loosing data, etc). So today I put in an RMA with PNY expecting them to deny it but…continue reading →


I just started using Treehouse an online technology education course tool to learn programming. I have wanted to learn more programming for years and have not really put an effort into it so I decided to give this a try. So I am starting at the very beginning and learning…continue reading →

Chrome OS Updates – CR-48

So I have not really used my CR-48 laptop in a while, Michelle has been using it more than I have. Today I pulled it out and have been using it all day.  The recent updates to it have made it run much better and they are working on making…continue reading →

New CEO of HP

So we have a new CEO of HP, this gives them the ability to fix the few latest issues they just made. 1. Don't split up your company, the PC Division is the largest PC seller in the US. 2. Don't dump WebOS, you have the ability to make this…continue reading →

Ubuntu on CR-48

So I have loaded a dual boot of Ubuntu 11.04 and Chrome OS on my CR-48.  This is the first time I have seen Unity on Ubuntu, man is it different.  It will take some getting used to.  All seems to be working fine, the trackpad is still a little…continue reading →

Acrobat Reader and Flash Updates

Today I spent time on learning how to Slipstream Acrobat Reader updates into 1 file for easier installs at work.  Not sure why yet but some people are losing either Acrobat Reader or Adobe Flash when we send updates.  Not sure if it is an Altiris issue or what but…continue reading →

Chrome CR-48 Laptop

So 24hrs of using the CR-48 laptop that was given to me by Google I have to say it is not a bad little computer.  Working in an browser entirely is a little different but easy to get along with.  As far as hardware goes I really like the keyboard…continue reading →