So I signed up for an OpenDNS account yesterday and set it up on my Airport Extreme. Why do you ask, I am not sure. I worked at a Tech Firm over the summer and they were using it so I guess that is one reason. Th other reason was…continue reading →

Macbook Reimage & Windows 7 64bit

So it was time to cleanup my Macbook from all the crap I have loaded on there over the last year. So with my documents all backed up I decided to reload the OS. I believe I took the long run because I loaded Leopard 10.5 first the load Snow…continue reading →

Bridge Mode

I have finally spent time on setting up my dsl properly here at the house. I have a Netopia 3347 (that I got for free at my old work place) and an Apple Airport Extreme for my DSL setup. When I first setup the DSL I had the Airport Extreme…continue reading →

Installing Dolphin Community

I am trying to install Dolphin Community on a clients server today. I am having nothing but trouble. And I can say I hate this script, I have read nothing but bad things about the customer service on this company that runs this script. Why do people want this crap.…continue reading →

Windows 7 Pro

Just loaded Windows 7 Pro on my Macbook via Bootcamp. So far everything is working fine except for the cd eject. I can't get it to eject any cds via the eject button or by ejecting it via windows explorer. Not sure if it is an issue with Windows 7…continue reading →

Computer For Sale

I have my newest PC on eBay for sale. If anyone is interested it has a day or so left. am trying to get enough to by a newer Mac Mini Intel so I can run Mac and Windows on 1 machine.continue reading →

Update SBS 2008

So I finished installing SBS 2008 within a few hours, I did have an issue with Internet access on the server. Going in on Sunday to convert all the workstations to the new domain from a workgroup.continue reading →