I got a job!

I got a job today, I start tomorrow at a small Technology firm at 8:30am.  The company supports law firms with setting up new servers, workstations, networking, software and etc.  I will primarily be handling new user setup with Exchange and Amicus support.Good times all around the Davidson household.continue reading →

New Macs

Got a new Macbook this week, I sold my old one for $950. Along with that I got an old Mac Mini to hook up to my TV. The Mini is a G4 so it is a little slow but all I really want it for is to watch hula.com.continue reading →

A+ Certification

Well I am signing up to take a class so I can be A+ Certified. While job searching I have noticed a lot of postings that require at least this so I believe it will help open a few more doors.continue reading →

VMware Fusion

So I have been running VMware Fusion on my Mac for the last 30 days so I could run a few Windows programs I have that don't work on a Mac.  Very impressed and decided to get the program.  Works well and I don't have to restart to load into Windows…continue reading →

Portable Apps

I have been using the programs on Portable Apps for a little while now, but I just found a few apps that are a must.  Portable Photoshop CS3, Portable Illustrator CS3, Portable Dreamweaver CS3, and Portable Microsoft Office 2007.  I have just dumped my Portable OpenOffice & Portable Gimp.  I…continue reading →

Windows Vista RC1

Downloaded the new Vista Release (took two days, my broadband is slow). I will let you know how I like it, so far so good.  I am currently posting from IE 7.0, looks a little weird but okay I guess.continue reading →