Help Desk

Well I love my job it is just crazy how computers make people just plain dumb. Like entering a password for some is just to hard, does not matter how smart they are. When they get in front of a computer their brain just turns off. Why do computers turn…continue reading →

Installing Dolphin Community

I am trying to install Dolphin Community on a clients server today. I am having nothing but trouble. And I can say I hate this script, I have read nothing but bad things about the customer service on this company that runs this script. Why do people want this crap.…continue reading →

Start New Job Tomorrow

Well I start my new job tomorrow. Should be fun, I have always wanted to work in the medical field. I will be handling Desktop support for the computers at the Cedars Sinai Medical Center.I have also started back onto a dieting program, I currently weigh 215 and should be…continue reading →

Heading Home

Long day today, glad to be heading home.Is everyone excited & ready for iPhone OS 3.0 on June 17th? What about new iPhone hardware?New OS looks sweet, new hardware I don't think people will flock to it except maybe 1st Gen or Apple Diehards.continue reading →

Update SBS 2008

So I finished installing SBS 2008 within a few hours, I did have an issue with Internet access on the server. Going in on Sunday to convert all the workstations to the new domain from a workgroup.continue reading →

Sherman Oaks Today

Well we are out in Sherman Oaks today. Long day today and did not stop for lunch so I am hungry. Setting up computers takes longer than you think. Traffic looking back south looks bad.continue reading →
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