Beach Boy Smile Released after 44yrs

Beach Boy Smile Released after 44yrs

The Beach Boys version of Smile, the long lost album that was recorded in 66-67 and never released.  Well it has finally 44 yrs later The Beach Boys version of Smile is released.  This is the albums of all albums for the most die hard Beach Boys fans like a…continue reading →

FM Radio with Evo

Today was the first time I used the FM radio on my EVO since it has be be plugged into a headset and I use a stereo Bluetooth headset most of the time to listen to music. But since I am super bored today at work I thought I would…continue reading →


I know I am late to the party when it comes to but I just started listening to this station and I can't get enough. It is a create station that is playing some great music, most of it is new to most people and some of it new…continue reading →

Bluetooth Stereo Headset

I was looking to buy a Bluetooth stereo headset but I was not sure which one to get at first. I was leaning toward a Motorola S9 but was not sure. I started looking on ebay & i saw a headset from a company I have never heard of, Rocketfish.…continue reading →
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