I have added a new videos page, I will be updating videos for bands that I listen to on a regular basis.  First up my friends from KY via CO…The Apples in stereo.  I have also added a few from the band Spoon.

New Music

Here is a new site that will help you find some new music that you might or might not have heard.  Check it out –

All you need to do is select your genre and the site will pull a song from music blogs from the web.  Pretty cool idea.

FM Radio with Evo

Today was the first time I used the FM radio on my EVO since it has be be plugged into a headset and I use a stereo Bluetooth headset most of the time to listen to music. But since I am super bored today at work I thought I would plug in my desktop speakers and test it out. Works great and the reception is great also. I might have to use this more often to listen to Kevin and Bean in the morning or just use the stream off the computer. But cool to have on my phone.


I know I am late to the party when it comes to but I just started listening to this station and I can’t get enough. It is a create station that is playing some great music, most of it is new to most people and some of it new to me so it has been a good time all around.

Bluetooth Stereo Headset

I was looking to buy a Bluetooth stereo headset but I was not sure which one to get at first. I was leaning toward a Motorola S9 but was not sure. I started looking on ebay & i saw a headset from a company I have never heard of, Rocketfish. Doing some research I found out it was a Best Buy brand. Well I have bought Dynex stuff in the past & was happy. So I looked up this headset & all the reviews seemed very good. Plus it was an open box on eBay for $24.99 & free shipping. Rocketfish RF-MAB2

Well the headset arrived on Friday & I used it on the train Monday & today. I very happy, music sound is good, bass could be better but sounds good enough.

New Alice in Chains

Getting ready for the new Alice in Chains record. The new single sounds great! It will be released on Sept 29th via Virgin Recordings.

Alice in Chains
Alice in Chains