Updating A Website To Responsive Design

I helped out a local non-profit a few years ago in setting up a new design for their site and helped move their site to a Dreamhost (Great place to host non-profit as they give you a free account). We today I am starting to update the site using a…continue reading →

Chrome OS Updates – CR-48

So I have not really used my CR-48 laptop in a while, Michelle has been using it more than I have. Today I pulled it out and have been using it all day.  The recent updates to it have made it run much better and they are working on making…continue reading →


I know I am late to the party when it comes to WOXY.com but I just started listening to this station and I can't get enough. It is a create station that is playing some great music, most of it is new to most people and some of it new…continue reading →


So I signed up for an OpenDNS account yesterday and set it up on my Airport Extreme. Why do you ask, I am not sure. I worked at a Tech Firm over the summer and they were using it so I guess that is one reason. Th other reason was…continue reading →

Bridge Mode

I have finally spent time on setting up my dsl properly here at the house. I have a Netopia 3347 (that I got for free at my old work place) and an Apple Airport Extreme for my DSL setup. When I first setup the DSL I had the Airport Extreme…continue reading →

Working On My Site

I justed updated the Mobile & iPhone plugins so you can view my site from your mobile phone. I dont have an iPhone so I can't test it but the pda theme works great on my Mogul.continue reading →

E6 Townhall converts to vBulletin

Well I finally got the E6 Townhall back up and running.  I for whatever reason could not upgrade to the newest version of XBM so I purchased a lisence of vBulletin and was able to convert the database over with only a few small issues.  I have added a few…continue reading →