2 Player Bartop Arcade Cabinet

So today I started the planning of my 2-player bartop arcade cabinet. It will be based off RetroPie and run of a RaspberryPi 3. I am not the best when it comes to wood working but I thought it would be more fun to cut and build my own vs buying a pre-made cabinet kit. I will be posting updates as them come, currently I have the Pi and will be playing with that and setting up RetroPie in the next few days. Then off to the internet to get the buttons and joysticks.

It’s Been A While

So I can’t seem to post regularly to my blog as I used to. Going forward I have decided I need to put down one post a week. 

Today is Daylight Saving time and lost an hour so I ended up waking up at 10am this morning after going to bed about midnight. 

Right now I am sitting in Cedar Glen, CA watching Sophie spinning in circles as she try’s to make her bed comfortable and warm enough to lie down. While we have music from the band Cake in the background. 


Before the Apple Watch I used a Jawbone Up 24. It tracked my steps and my sleep. Well the Apple Watch did not have that option so I stopped tracking my sleep. Well with WatchOS 2 a new app came on the market called Sleep++ that allowed you to track your sleep. It is not as robust as the Jawbone Up sleep tracking but I am sure that is some limitations of the WatchOS 2 and what the developer has access to.  

 Last night I got a decent amount of sleep. Since monitoring it looks like I hover around 9%-12% restless during the night. We will see what else the app developer has for this one. At this point it is a good start.