E6 Townhall converts to vBulletin

Well I finally got the E6 Townhall back up and running.  I for whatever reason could not upgrade to the newest version of XBM so I purchased a lisence of vBulletin and was able to convert the database over with only a few small issues.  I have added a few…continue reading →

Heading To Dallas, TX

Well I am heading to Dallas, TX on Friday to pack up Michelle's last bits and pieces and we are moving her back to So Cal.  It will be great to have her back, for those that are not aware she has been living in Dallas for the last year…continue reading →

Portable Apps

I have been using the programs on Portable Apps for a little while now, but I just found a few apps that are a must.  Portable Photoshop CS3, Portable Illustrator CS3, Portable Dreamweaver CS3, and Portable Microsoft Office 2007.  I have just dumped my Portable OpenOffice & Portable Gimp.  I…continue reading →


So I got into a car accident about two weeks ago. I heard from my insurance company last Friday that they are going to be totaling my car so I am no in the shopping mode. Photos of the damaged car are in the photos section.continue reading →

3 Wood

I just purchased my Nike Sasquatch 3 Wood, I own a Nike Sasquatch Driver and liked it alot and I have tried my Dad's 3 Wood and it feels nice so I went out and got my own. I did buy it on eBay used to save some cash. Can't…continue reading →