Finished Reading: The Litigators

Finished Reading: The Litigators

I just finished reading The Litigators by John Grisham this morning. It was a good book and would highly recommend it to anyone that like John Grisham books. Great look into the life of the world of street law/ambulance chasers.continue reading →
Now Reading: The Litigators

Now Reading: The Litigators

I just started reading my new book today, The Litigators by John Grisham. So far pretty good but just at Chapter 5 now so lots of book left. Checked this book out of the OC Library using Kindle. Pretty cool that you can check out an eBook from the library…continue reading →

Peeling Garlic

While I was reading my normal web news I stopped by Shawn Blanc's site which I do once in a while. I noticed a "Live Changing" (his words but true) way to peel garlic. And yes it is life changing. reading →


I just started using Treehouse an online technology education course tool to learn programming. I have wanted to learn more programming for years and have not really put an effort into it so I decided to give this a try. So I am starting at the very beginning and learning…continue reading →

iPhone 5 Pre Order Time

While I will not be pre ordering the iPhone 5 it did start this morning at 12:01am and seems to have sold out already as the new ship date is 2 weeks after the original Sept 21st ship date. I updated my plan in April so I will be passing…continue reading →

Start C25K Today

Today I start my 8 week training of C25K. As some of you know I am not a running at all and for the last 10 yrs I have been a lazy couch potato. But in the last 4 months I have spent sometime working on losing weight and working…continue reading →

Lost It! – Weight Loss Update

Well it has been 5 months since I started my weight loss adventure.  It has been a tough road I started at 230 lbs and as of this morning I am currently at 194 lbs.  So I have to say it has been successful and I am very happy with…continue reading →